Team Heart and Stroke!

So, I committed to a thing. A BIG thing. I am running the NYC marathon with the American Heart Association Team Heart & Stroke on November 3rd.  🗽

Part of my commitment to the team is to raise $3500. I would appreciate your support in any way you can help. Even if you just share this email to your friends and family, that would be a huge help! 👱🏻‍♀️

🏃🏼‍♀️Follow me on social media for regular updates on training and fundraising!
Insta/Twitter: @lifeafter31

📲$20 donation = thank you shout-out on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook

🎧$50 donation = choose 1 song on my marathon playlist

🎧🎧🎧$100 donation = 3 songs of your choice on my marathon playlist

👚 Purchase a “heart and hustle” tee on my Bonfire fundraiser account. $ goes right to my account page. *I need to sell 5 tees by mid April in order for them to print*

💰Just want to donate?
💻Fundraising page: 
📲You can Venmo me: @sarahklena
📲Or use the Cash app: @$klena

Thank you in advance for your support. Love you all! 😍


Folks, I have some huge news. After 4 amazing years of blogging on Heart Attack at 31, I am now moving forward with a new blog, Life After 31, to include more of a lifestyle approach to my blogging routine. My new blog will have stories, wedding planning, life events and a more rounded approach to what my life is like these days. I will always have, and will continue to monitor the stories, comments, emails and tweets from all of the amazing survivors I’ve spoken with through the years. The blog will stay at the same site and hopefully continue to do what it has done the last 4 years-tell my story. The website is not ready to launch yet, but I wanted to give those who have followed me this far a heads up. I hope you respect my decision and continue this journey with me. heart emoticon

New year, new vision?

As I sit here writing this blog post, I have a number of browser windows and two Microsoft Word documents. I am reading an article on WordPress plugins, looking at my Facebook page and checking my @heartattackat31 twitter. Then my Word docs are the new list of scavenger hunt items and Amazeball Race rules. I am conflicted.

I have been writing this blog for almost 4 years. This is fantastic, since I have gained so much from this experience. I’ve found my own little cathartic corner of the universe to vent, scrapbook and connect. I have emailed, facebooked (yes I made that a verb) and spoken with people all over the world and been a part of projects I could only dream of. But now I feel like I’m at a crossroads.
Do I continue to only blog about my heart attack and my work with AHA or do transform this story into what it is now-a way I live my life. I’d like to keep the integrity of the blog, which is why this blog won’t ever be removed, but I’d like to start blogging on my life as it stands now, maybe with the perspective of gratitude and forward motion. Thoughts? I’d really appreciate them. My tentative name for the new blog is 
<3, S

FLBlogCon…this Saturday!

You. Guys. 
It’s a Tuesday night here in bloggerland and I am stoked. 
Why, you ask? I am presenting at the Florida Bloggers Conference THIS SATURDAY! 
Little ‘ol me! The girl who started blogging 3 and a half years ago! I am one lucky lady. This blog (and my amazing readers) has brought me some mind-blowing opportunities. 
Thank you for sticking with me through the years, reading my story and following my recovery. *Insert enthusiastic fist bump here*
Stay tuned for my recap from the conference, since I’m sure I will have so much to report! 
Wish me luck!
image via FLBlogCon