Goodbye Gallbladder

We’ll name him Geoffrey for the sake of story telling.

About 4 months ago I started experiencing some, *ahem* intestinal distress. Nothing tasted good, nothing stayed in my stomach at all. I had some side pain after I ate but nothing to write home about. So I suffered the first month to see if it was just from the stress I was experiencing at the time. When it carried into the holiday season I started to get concerned and went to my primary doc. He referred me to a GI doc who sent me for a hidascan and ultrasound. Surprise, Geoffrey stopped working. They recommended it be removed and referred me to a surgeon. Seems simple right?

If you’ve ever been through a major medical event in your life, like a heart attack, nothing medical is ever simple anymore. I spent a month back and forth between the surgeon and my cardiologist, trying to get cleared for surgery. I went to the office, had to do a stress test and was reminded over and over again by anyone coming in contact with me for the first time, “you’re too young for heart problems.” Insert half smile here.

After the heart attack in 2012 I had pretty severe PTSD. The scent of rubbing alcohol, getting blood drawn out or even the sight of white sheets made me nauseous and sweaty. I could barely drive past the hospital without breathing funny. So when I was told I had to have Geoffrey out, this sent me into a frenzy. All of my medical history poured back onto forms and computers and I had to retell the story again and again.

I often wonder if anyone else had such severe anxiety after something like a heart attack or other emergency hospital stays. Although it has gotten better through the years, all it took was day surgery and having my gall bladder out to make me relive the trauma. So this weekend, I am taking time for me, participating in a little retail therapy and giving myself a little credit. I’ve been through worse.


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