Tips For Surviving Days Off From Work

I know what you’re thinking-I can definitely survive a little time off. Mama has GOT THIS. That’s what I thought. In the past 15 years of my adult working life, I’ve rarely had time off and to myself. I’ve either been working, tutoring, getting a degree, or had a to-do list that was so insanely long, it felt like I was at work. Not this week.

Friday I had my gallbladder removed and it’s 4 days later. I’m starting to get a little stir crazy. So I’d like to offer some tips for those of you who are busy bees like me and find yourself in a similar predicament.

1. Don’t feel guilty.
Easier said than done. Many of us (especially care taker women) feel guilty if there is a lull in our busy lives. We spend so much time taking care of others that when it’s time to stop and take care of ourselves, we get anxious. It has been hard for me to let my wife take the lead this week. She has cooked, cleaned, walked the dogs and I am forever thankful.

2. Give yourself some structure.
Even though I’m home, I’ve still been using my Erin Condren planner. I’ve listed a couple things each day that I wanted to accomplish. Be specific-today I want to read 3 chapters in my current book and write one blog post. This helps me feel productive but not stressed out. Pick small tasks that can easily be accomplished.

3. Allow yourself to sleep.
Wait, are you suggesting more than 8 hours? I sure am. If you’re tired, close your eyes. Your body is telling you something. It’s probably telling you that you are sleep deprived and trying to recover, so let your body do its thang.

4. Find a cuddle buddy.
Thank goodness for fur babies. My 2 dogs and cat have been keeping me company this week, and they are good snugglers. I can tell they love having me home for a change. No pet? Get a comfy pillow, blanket or old sweater. We all need some comfort in our lives.

5. Shower.
No seriously, get up and shower (if you’re able to). Take it slow and stay within doctor’s orders. This has helped me maintain a sense of normalcy this week and also helped me feel less disgusting. New pajamas, face mask and pillow case help too. Don’t be the stinky girl. Think of the dog.

6. Explore something that interests you.
Instead of falling into the black hole that is the Internet, research something that has been on your mind. Maybe it’s a dream bathroom reno or a trip to Paris. Whatever it is, Pinterest the crap out of it and live vicariously. It will give you something to look forward to.


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