Jan 22-24, 2012: 3 Years Later

January 22-24, 2012: 
Finally the sun crept up on a cool Sunday morning after another long night of fear and anxiety. I watched another umpteen hours of TV like a zombie to pass the time and keep my mind off the pain. Another sleepless night and I was at work Monday morning, trying to act like everything was fine. Students gave me questioning looks, fellow teachers looked concerned but I just kept on, massaging the middle of my chest with my closed fist, which I found out later was my instinctual response to keep my heart pumping blood. Another sleepless night set in, but by Tuesday morning I was feeling better. The pain turned into a numbing ache and my vision was less blurry. But, as I was driving home from work, the pain came back with a vengeance. I almost went off the road at the sudden nature of its anguish, making my 5 minute drive home feel like an eternity. As I parked and reached for my cell phone I called a friend, crying and sobbing words I no longer remember. I forced myself to walk the dog, grabbed my glasses, iPad and charger and drove myself to the ER, rubbing my chest in between wiping my tears. That night I was admitted into the hospital, without a diagnosis. 
January 25th is the day I receive word about the heart attack…

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