My Birthday Roundup + #34before34

Here it is, my final #34before34 post! First of all, my birthday was amazing. L knew I wanted to see the Blue Man Group show, so she got amazing seats (note the ponchos) and we even went out for dinner first. There is a new burger and sushi joint called The Cowfish. Delish. Definitely going back.

Me, patiently awaiting my bento box
Seems like an odd combo to you? Put that thought right out of your mind.

Blue Man Group!

Note the ponchos…not as messy as I had seen previously but nasty none-the-less

The next day we took a drive to St Augustine. It was a beautiful night with amazing weather. We got to see the holiday lights, took a stroll down St George’s street and had a yummy sushi dinner.

We even put up our tree! Meet Bing, the new addition to the family. He is a rescue dog and fits in perfectly. He’s basically a snuggler and part-time hot water bottle. Here he is under the tree with his new brother. Both are obviously amused.

So back to the #34before34. I only completed 17 things off my list. However, I think these 17 things were the most fulfilling items. I noticed that a lot of the things I put on the list to get myself motivated to do (hellloooo closet & dissertation) didn’t get done. But, I did make some amazing memories. So really that’s what life is about anyways. Cheers to another year and more memories. It’s great to be alive.

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