New year, new vision?

As I sit here writing this blog post, I have a number of browser windows and two Microsoft Word documents. I am reading an article on WordPress plugins, looking at my Facebook page and checking my @heartattackat31 twitter. Then my Word docs are the new list of scavenger hunt items and Amazeball Race rules. I am conflicted.

I have been writing this blog for almost 4 years. This is fantastic, since I have gained so much from this experience. I’ve found my own little cathartic corner of the universe to vent, scrapbook and connect. I have emailed, facebooked (yes I made that a verb) and spoken with people all over the world and been a part of projects I could only dream of. But now I feel like I’m at a crossroads.
Do I continue to only blog about my heart attack and my work with AHA or do transform this story into what it is now-a way I live my life. I’d like to keep the integrity of the blog, which is why this blog won’t ever be removed, but I’d like to start blogging on my life as it stands now, maybe with the perspective of gratitude and forward motion. Thoughts? I’d really appreciate them. My tentative name for the new blog is 
<3, S

10 thoughts on “New year, new vision?

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