The 2nd Annual Amazeball Race

This post may be a week late and a dollar short, but it’s here. I celebrated my 2nd heart attack anniversary with a ton of laughs. This year’s scavenger hunt around the city was (dare I say it?) even more fun than last year. We had a great turn out and I have a ton of pictures that are hilarious and being made into a Shutterfly book as we speak!

Our list was even bigger and better than 2013! Thank goodness for Jo, who helped come up with some amazing photo ops for our players. Here is a snippet of the list. Just a snippet…that’s all you get!
I’d show you the rest…but then I’d have to kill ya. Just kidding. Needless to say the only picture I will be posting below is the rated G version of the group picture. Thank you to everyone who participated. It totally made my anniversary. 

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