The Amazeball Race

So instead of having some sappy dinner, I decided to celebrate my one year anniversary a little differently. After a long afternoon at Bananas, Jo and I came up with what I named The Amazeball Race. Basically, people would be in teams and race around town to take pictures of certain things. Like The Amazing Race meets a highly inappropriate scavenger hunt. Ha.

So at the crack of 9:00 a.m. Saturday, the Amazeball Race commenced. The lists were given out, the swag bags turned over. Teams raced all around Orlando looking for a list of heart items (e.g., a hospital, heart healthy food, the color red) and non-heart related items (e.g., hug a Starbucks employee, a Mini Cooper, a NY license). Pictures then got uploaded to Photobucket. The winning team got a nifty blow up trophy that I found on Amazon. I had the best time! Jo and I were a team and we had a blast. Here are some pictures of the teams which are totally okay to show on the Internet…haha.

Ty hugging a Starbucks employee

Carlos – I swear Carlos and Ty were the most creative! Hysterical!

JoJo & I…note the war paint

Adrian & Lina

The Orange team!

The Yellow team (they won!)

Kevin & Logan…best dressed! They had camo capes!

Amy finding “a ginger”

Patrick at Track Shack

Ha. Good times.

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