The Dr. Oz Experience

Finally, the calm AFTER the storm. This last month has been insane. First was the filming of Dr. Oz, then the end of the year madness, the airing of the show, holidays, New Years and now it’s back to work tomorrow. So, as I sit down to contemplate everything that has happened, I realized I never actually talked about the show. It’s time.

At the end of November I was asked to be on the Dr. Oz show after a number of phone calls with his amazing producers and staff (no seriously, everyone there is insanely nice and supportive). On Tuesday, November 18th I had a camera crew and producer in my living room. They filmed around 4 hours of material, everything from me running, to sitting and looking off into the horizon, to blogging. Then they even set up the interview portion in my living room to re-tell my story. Those 4 hours were edited down into the 2 minute clip that was on the show.

Had to visit Strawberry Fields to get myself centered

By Thursday night I was on a plane, off to NYC. I grew up in NYS and I was pumped to be in the city right before the holidays. Frankly, I love the cold and I was looking forward to wearing a scarf and boots. I arrived at LGA around 11 pm and a driver picked me up (driver, did she say driver?!) and drove me into the city. Of course, being me, I have to hear his entire life story as we travel. He has a teacher for a wife, a new baby and loves his job. Enough said, this guy was the bomb.

The risers are up for the Thanksgiving parade on Central Park West!

The next morning, I walked around Central Park, went to H&M (I swear it’s better in NY) and picked up my baby sis at the train station. She and her fiancé came took a train into the city for the taping which was awesome because I hadn’t seen her since February. By the time they grabbed some food and I got ready back at the hotel, the car was there to pick us up and bring us to the studio. Imagine rolling up to a gated studio in an SUV with a driver who looks like Brad Garrett. Life is good, folks, quite good.

We were led into a dressing room (yes, a dressing room! A car, and now this! #spoiled) where things start becoming a whirlwind of events. Hair and makeup, steaming of clothes, producers visiting, meeting tons of people, taking ridiculous pictures with Steph and Cody? Done. Before I knew it, we were being led to the waiting room behind the stage and I could hear the studio audience. Whoa. This was really about to happen.

Let me just pause and say that everyone who works for this show is insanely nice. I don’t think I can state this enough. They asked how I was doing, were very encouraging and super reassuring. Frankly, they didn’t need to since I’m barely a fly on the flytrap of this show. But they all seemed genuinely caring and nice.

I can’t! I just can’t!

All in all, the experience was mind-blowingly amazing. I got to meet someone I really admire, spread the message about women and heart disease, and maybe help someone in need. I’ve gotten some emails and Facebook messages since the show aired that really helped me solidify my reasoning for doing the show. There are a lot of women out there with family histories, mothers and friends lost to heart attacks, high blood pressure or trying to recover from a heart attack. Shows like this one can help to feel less alone. I know they help me heal.

Now for some pictures. I hope you all enjoy the clips. Thank you for all of your support!

Yeah, I still can’t get over this picture. #Awesome.

Rhonda and I. Rhonda survived cancer! GO GIRL!
Ali, one of the producers! She’s fantastic!

This hardcore makeup covered my tats.

Oh you know, just chillin’ with Oz

I got to wear my scarf! YESS!

Goodbye NYC <3

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